Why a Yard Sign?

If you use a yard signs to win elections, why not use them to earn customers for your business. yard signs pop up everywhere. Just remember the last time you drove up to that stop light and there is was Make Million at Home, Well it might be a scam but you read the sign. While yard signs can’t talk with customers, they are an affordable, low maintenance way to advertise your brand 24/7.

Design, design , design keep that in mind when you want to create a yard sign, they are guaranteed to win you customers and increase profits for your business. Keep them Simple but Interesting, remember you are competing wing many other signs. 

Make Your Yard Sign Catchy

For your yard sign to be effective, it needs to say something catchy with as few words as possible. Try to find words that share the qualities of your business. Pictures are also a great addition and can say a lot.

The purpose is to really stand out in consumers’ minds and distinguish your business from your competition. Ideally, you want your yard sign to be funny, if not hilarious. The funnier your yard sign the better. 

Make it Visible

Use contrasting colors Red on White, Yellow on Black you want to make it easy to read, Dark Green on Brown is surely a receipt for no business.  Short Message and how to find you that all it takes. Drivers have very little time to read so make it as easy as possible for them to remember you


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