Protect Your Customers, Protect Your Business

With the threat of the Covid Virus to be with us for a while, we need to take steps to not only protect our customers but protect our businesses. Retailers are also using floor decals to help customers maintain proper social-distance when in store:
  • Walmart is placing them in entrances and check-out lanes, according to the release.

  • Albertsons is placing floor markers at check-out stations and other high-traffic areas such as delis, bakeries and pharmacy areas, the company announced Monday.

  • Target is putting signs at the door as well as floor decals in check-out lanes.

  • Walgreens is implementing a “social distancing line” which has floor markers placed six feet apart, the company said in a news release. Customers can only approach the register once they’ve been called forward.

What are you doing to inform and protect your customers, we can help you in many ways from:

  • Custom Acrylic Barriers
  • Floor Graphics,
  • Window Graphics

and of course our Virus defender that uses Silver Ion technology to kill viruses on flat high tough surfaces. 

Give us a call at 205-942-7446  and arrange a consultation with our knowlegable staff, on what we can do to help you not only get through this situation, but also to help you thrive in the future

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