Announcing Virus Defender - with Sciessent Agion® antimicrobial technology

CSE Graphics is excited to announce the launch of Virus

DefenderTM, a polyester laminating film where the face of the film

incorporates Sciessent Agion® antimicrobial technology into the top-coating

that will inhibit growth of viruses, bacteria, mildew, and fungi.

CSE Graphics believes Virus Defender with Sciessent Agion® antimicrobial

technology will be a game changer on how we help protect surfaces from

harboring Viruses, Bacteria, Yeast and Mold. This is a first on the Market,

while our competition right now are wipes and disinfectant sprays, Virus

Defender allows you to feel a sense of relief that it is working on defending

your surfaces even when you are sleeping. Sciessent Agion® technology has

been shown to initially reduce microbial populate ions within minutes to

hours while maintaining optimal performance for years. It can be washed

with mild detergents without losing efficacy. Non-toxic and non-harmful to

human skin. 

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